Insurance and Supplements

Health Coverage

The Mount Vernon Independent School District provides group health insurance coverage for employees under the TRS-ActiveCare statewide health care benefits program.  The district contributes $341.00 per month toward each full time employee’s health coverage.


Optional Insurance Plans

Several types of supplemental benefits are available through payroll deductions at employees’ expense including disability, cancer, dental and vision coverage.  Please visit website at


Tax Deferred Annuities

Employees may have a specific amount of their salary payroll deducted and invested into a tax sheltered annuity plan.


Sick Leave and Personal Leave

All full time employees receive five State Personal days and four local days per year that can be used as either personal or sick days.  State Personal days not used will carry over to the next school year.

Sick Leave Pool
District Regulations
Request for Sick Leave Pool Days
Sick Leave Pool Attending Physician's Statement
Sick Leave Pool Donation Form


Salary supplements are paid in accordance to the board approved stipend list.




Direct Deposit

Employees may have their payroll check deposited directly in a checking or savings account.  Additional information regarding employee benefits is available from the Business Office at (903) 537-2546, Ext. 9905